Vertical Surface Mount Luminaire

Stainless steel, brass, aluminum.
Planar Reflector shield:
Shield P rotates 360° on socket.
Socket rotates 180° on vertical pivot
Stem rotates up to 670°*
Height Adjustment Range:*
As shown: Stem moves 17" [432mm]
from lowest position

*LED version 36 volt DC:
New planar P shield is milled to a slim 5/16" and
holds 48 high brightness 3500K Nichia LEDs.
A magnetic low brightness louver prevents glare.
A programmed microprocessor provides thermal
regulation and wide range PWM dimming.
*36 Volt DC Power
*The included switching power supply delivers
36v DC from standard US 110-125 VAC lines.
(As well as international voltages 90 to 240 VAC)
* Cord from power source to Power Supply.
*125 VAC Cord: 6' Black (UL)SVT 75°C.
* Cord from Power Supply to Luminaire:
* 36v DC Cord: 9' slender red or linen colored braid.

Uses less than 20w current for task light.
Superior to 75-100w incandescent sources.

* Custom versions:
Stem rotation and height adjustment may be
specified to meet installation-specific variables.
Inquire for details

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All rights reserved

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