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Low Profile Floor Luminaire

Product Details

10.875" x 15" x 35" - 43"h
276mm x 381mm x 889mm-1092mm

Lighthead Positioning: sWV Shield rotates 360° horizontally and with its Control Tube rotates 180° vertically; the Main Stem rotates up to 670°.

Height Adjustment: Stem moves 8" [203mm] upward from lowest position.

sWV+Control Arm: Is machined from 6160 aluminum in a sleek form after our 1964 WV design. The sWV Shield holds 48 high color CRI 95+ LEDs. A Magnetic Louver directs light and prevents glare. The Supporting Control Tube holds embedded electronics providing wide range PWM dimming and thermal regulation.

LED Control Knob: Counter-clockwise turns take light to full brightness. Clockwise turns dim light to off. Finally, 128 Step full PWM dimming at last!

Plug: Switching Power Supply furnishes 36V DC from any international AC voltage source between 90 & 240 VAC. For most countries Universal Snap-on Plug Fittings are included.

Coaxial Cord: Custom 9' fiberglass braid in linen tone, bright red, brown or black.