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Vertical Mount Luminaire

Product Details

4VEDisc Positioning: This larger version has all of the features of the above design plus the E-Arm. This adds a 6" longer reach from the Support Block with an added vertical swing axle. This results in even greater range in positioning the light source.

Height Adjustment: Stem moves 17" [432mm] upward from lowest position.

Disc + Control Arm: Machined from 66T10 aluminum. This Disc Shield holds 48 high color CRI 95+ LEDs. A Magnetic Louver directs light and prevents glare. The Supporting Control Arm has adjustable spring suspension and holds embedded electronics providing wide range PWM dimming and thermal regulation.

LED Control Knob: Rotate counter-clockwise to bring light gradually to full brightness with an audible click. Clockwise turns dim light to off. At last we can provide 128 Step full Pulse Width Modulation dimming.

Plug: Switching Power Supply furnishes 36V DC from any international AC voltage source between 90 and 240 VAC. For most countries Universal Snap-on Plug Fittings are included.

Coaxial Cord: Custom 9' fiberglass braid in linen tone, bright red, brown or black.

Installation Notes: Mounting must be perfectly vertical for correct function. Support Block will exert significant leverage at its point of attachment to the wall or any other mounting surface. Extremely strong in-wall or mount surface backing is imperitive.